Invited National and International Presentations

Dr. McKenna Invited Lectures (through May 2018)

2018 16th World Association of Infant Mental Health. Rome, Italy May 26, 2018. Symposium organized by Helen Stevens. The Return of Breastsleeping: Humankind’s Most Successful Sleep and Feeding Arrangement.

2018 University of Florida Medical Center. Pediatric Grand Rounds. Mothers Sleeping With Thier Babies: Empirical Studies.

2018 Northeastern Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition. Infant Sleep Workshop. May 10-12 Dalton, Georgia.

2018 Napa (California) Breastfeeding Coalition. Workshop on Normal Infant Sleep and Breastsleeping.
2017 December 14th La Leche League Denver, Colorado. Bio-cultural Perspectives on Colic and the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
2017 Nov 3rd 4TH Berkeley, California . SWAG Breastfeeding conference, Organized by James J. McKenna. Speakers; Katie Hinde, EA Quinn, Aunchalee Palmquist, Cecelia Tomori, and Bernice Hausman, James J.McKenna.

2017 October 20 th Danish Breastfeeding Coalition , Sponsored Breastsleeping Part 1 and 3. Copenhagen, Denmark.
2017 Thessalinika, Greece.  September 21, 2017 Northern Greece (Macedonia) Breastfeeding Coalition. A Day with Dr, McKenna and Infant Sleep.

2017 La Leche League Jubilee Celebration (50 year Celebration)  Chicago Illinois October 14, 2017 Honored Lecturer.

2017 Doula International, Online, Plenary Address.  Breastsleeping : Why It Is Here To Stay. July 12, 217.

2017 Human Biology Association, Pearl Symposium. Charlie Nunn, Organizer,  Bio-cultural Origins of Colic and the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Is it all About Control of Breath?   April 25, New Orleans, Hilton Hotel.

2017 Seattle Breastfeeding Consortium :A Brief History of Infant Sleep, Colic and SIDS: Is there a common biological origin? And  Breastsleeping.  September 9, 2017.

2016 60th Jubilee Celebration of La Leche League International, Plenary Speaker. The Rise of Breastsleeping: Back to the Future. Hyatt Hotel, Chicago, Ill. October 13th.

2016 Rady’s Children’s Hospital San Diego. Breastfeeding and Co-sleeping Biologic Imperatives.  Sponsored by University of California San Diego School of Medicine, August 6, 2016.Sleep Like A Baby: What Does That Really Mean and  Breastsleeping: A new Concept in In Mother-Infant Developmental Biology Finding Its way.

2016 University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Lecture to Residents. “Breastsleeping: A new Concept in In Mother-Infant Developmental Biology Finding Its way. August 5, 2016”.
2016 Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine European Meeting, Lisbon Portugal.June 18th. Invited Speaker. Breastsleeping: Humankinds Oldest and Most Successful Sleep and Feeding Arrangement.

2016 Institute of Social Science Research. University of Lisbon. June 17, 2016. Breastsleeping: Humankinds Oldest and Most Successful Sleep and Feeding Arrangement.

2016 Bond Conference New York, New York April 22-24. Breastsleeping and the Biology of Infancy and Parenting Part 1 and 2.

 2016 Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University, The Jon B.Tinglestad Conference: Practical Pediatrics. The Rise of Breastsleeping: Rethinking and Reconceptualizing Safe Infant Sleep. Second lecture: Sleep Like A Baby: What Does That Really Mean.

2016 New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force 22md Annual Conference. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
History of Western Infant Sleep: Culture and Biology in Conflict and,  Breastsleeping: Humankinds Oldest and Most Successful Feeding and Sleeping Arrangement. May 3-5, 2016.

2016 Annual Meeting California WIC Association Plenary Speaker: Breastsleeping: A New Concept For Changing Times April 17-20, 2016.

2011 Australian Breastfeeding Association Sponsored Lecture Series: Sydney, Australia (March 15, 2011) Adelaide Australia (March 16th, 2011) and Perth, Australia (March 18th 2011). Lectures: Mother-Infant Co-sleeping, Breastfeeding and SIDS/SUDI  
2010 October 22nd Breastfeeding and Infant Care: Ancient Art, Modern Science. Sierra Nevada Brewery, The Big room. Sponsored by: Lactation Advocates of Northern Babies Sleeping and Feeding Next to Their Mothers. Lecture 1. Eliminating Inappropriate “Safe Infant Sleep” Rhetoric and Messages in the United States. Lecture 2. Changing Concepts of the Causes and Prevention of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Unexpected Death In Infants; process and problems.
October 12th. Human Nature and Early Experience Conference (co-organizer). University of Notre Dame. Lecture: Mothers, Fathers, Infants and Alloparents in Evolutionary Perspective.: Revising the Conceptual relevance of the Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness. 
2010 October 14. Carol Grumfeld Memorial Lecture. Department of Pediatrics. Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Denver, Colorado. Breasttfeeding and Mother-Infant Co-sleeping; Keep Me Close But Keep Me Safe.
2010 October 2nd. Safe Infant Sleep Conference, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sponsored by Safe Sleep Indiana.Org Committee.  Fort Wayne, Indiana. Memorial Convention Center.
2010 September 22. WIC Women Infants and Children Annual Meeting. San Diego, California Towne and Country Hotel. Lecture: Breastfeeding and Mother-Infant Co-sleeping: Keep Me Close But Keep Me Safe. 
2010 June 11th Notre Dame Celebration Night. Philedelphia, Penn Notre Dame Club.
Bloomington, Minnesota. May 22, 2010. Sponsored by the Childbirth Collective. Mothers and Infants Sleeping Together: A Biological Imperative. 
2010 University of Manitoba, Medical Sciences Center Winnepeg, Manitoba. Canada
Re-thinking Healthy Infant Sleep (and to satellite sites). March 19, 2010. Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (Discussion Group) and lunch lecture.
2010 The 16th Annual Conference Advanced Concepts in Breastfeeding, Factors That Effect Exclusively Breastfeeding. Albuquerque, New Mexico March 5th, 
2009 New York Breastfeeding Consortium: Red Flag Issues. November 20th  Breastfeeding and Mother-Infant Cosleeping,  Albany, New York. 
2009 Indiana University South Bend, Sleeping With Baby: Anthropological No Brainer or Prosecutable Offense? Nursing Program. October 15, 2009
2009 San Diego State University. Department Colloquium. Sleeping With Baby: A Quintessential Anthropological Issue. October 7, 2009
2009 University of California, San Diego Medical Center, Pediatric Grand Rounds. Sleeping With Baby: A Quintessential Anthropological Issue.
2009 Sleeping With Baby: A Quintessential Anthropological Issue. Northwestern University, Department of Anthropology, Department-Graduate Student Colloquium. September 27, 2009 Evanston, Ill.
2009 SIDS and Developmental Physiology Conference. Leicester, England. June 19th. University of Leicester. Department of Physiology.  Sponsored by “Babes In Arms. “
Ongoing  Public Mis-Representations of Mothers Sleeping With Their Infants In The United States.
2009 Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, Pediatric Grand Round.  May 28th. Sleep Like A Baby; What Does That Really Mean As Regards SIDS, Breastfeeding and Mother-Infant Co-Sleeping.  Omaha, Nebraska 
2009 La Leche League of Michigan Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference  May 1-2 Radisson Hotel Conference Center Livonia, Michigan. Keynote Presentation: Stone Age Babies In A Space Age World, May 1st. Mother-Infant Breastfeeding and Bedsharing Research. May 2nd.
2009 The Vermont Lactation Consultant Association, Inc. Scientific Studies of Mother-Infant Co-sleeping. Sleeping With Baby: What Does That Mean? Ongoing Research Perspectives on Co-sleeping and Breastfeeding. Sleeping Safely With Baby. Hilton Hotel, Burlington, Vermont,  April 15th. 
2009 Emory University, Department of Anthropology. Mother-Infant Co-sleeping: Adaptation or Prosecutable Offense? April 10, 2009. Department  Colloquium Atlanta, Georgia.
2009 Pediatric Grand Rounds Memorial Hospital. Morristown, New Jersey. March 17, 18th.  Sleeping With Baby: Political, Cultural and Scientific Perspectives.
2009 Pediatric Grand Rounds Morristown Hospital. Morristown, New Jersey. March 18, Sleeping With Baby: Political, Cultural and Scientific Perspectives.
22nd Annual Gravens Conference on High Risk Infants and March of Dimes Family Support Summit. Plenary Session Lecture 1.  The Unlikely and Curious Case of Human (neurological) Evolution: How the making of the infant maketh the man. Plenary Session Lecture 2 In the Western World.. Understanding Optimal Infant Care Scientific and Political Challenges. Sheraton Sands Hotel, Clearwater, Florida January 20-24, 2009
2009  Father Ted Hesburgh Dinner Keynote Speaker. “Last Lecture” Excerpts From A Life.”University of Notre Dame .Jan 29th
2008 Mother-Infant Relationships: Implications for Infant Disorders, Salk Institute and Center for the Advancement, Research and Training in Anthropogeny. University of California, San Diego, Department of Biological Sciences. December 10, 2008.  
2008 “Last Lecture Series” Inaugural “Last Lecture”. Presented to and sponsored by the University of Notre Dame Student Body, University of Notre Dame, November 12th.
2008 Hesburgh Lecture Series. Co-sponsors: Eastern Michigan University, Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the University of Notre Dame Alumni Association. Human Aggression: Is It In The Genes? Eastern Michigan University. Ann Arbor, Mi chigan. Nov 11th.
2008 Program On  Ethics and Culture, University of Notre Dame Annual Conference. “Fundamentals of Maternal-Infant Biology: Western Constraints On Creating the Fairest Love? Conference on:  The Family: Finding The The  Fairest Love. Nov 7-8th. 
2008 Chicago Health Connection. Chicago, Illinois, Holiday Inn, Keynote Speaker.  Babies, Breastfeeding and Beyond Conference. October 30, 2008. “Safe Co-sleeping With Breastfeeding” and Mother-Infant Co-sleeping With Breastfeeding and Why Co-sleeping Is a Controversy That refuses to Go Away.  
2008 Lane County, Oregon. Department of Health and Human Services Sponsored Conference; Healthy Brain Development: Key Impacts and Interventions. Invited Lecture: The Appropriateness of Parent-Infant Contact and Proximity In Fostering Optimal Brain Growth and Development. October 23, 2008, Eugene Oregon, Valley River Inn. 
2008 University of Oregon, Departments of Anthropology and Cognitive Sciences Colloquial Series. Eugene, Oregon  October 22nd and 24th. Mother-Infant Co-sleeping and Evolutionary Medicine.  
2008 Williams Baptist College, Wrightwood, Arkansas. The Dell Mondy Memorial Lecturer. October 9, 2008.  “The Appropriateness of Mother-Infant Co-sleeping With Breastfeeding: Culture and Biology in Conflict.
 2008  Breast Feeding, Bedsharing and Beyond. Northern Indian Lactation Consortium., Best Practices. Middlebury, Indiana. September 26, 2008.
2008 Australia- New Zealand Lectures In Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Australia, and Christchurch and Auckland New Zealand May 24th-June 6, 2008. Conference Title: Birth, Breastfeeding and Beyond. Invited lecture tour organized by Capers Bookstore. With Dr. Michel Odent, Allison Barrett and Ms. Carol Bartlett.  Lecture Titles: Breastfeeding and Safe Mother-Infant Co-sleeping and Breastfeeding, Bedsharing and SIDS On-going Scientific Research. 
2008 University of California Berkeley 16th Emeritus lecture. ” Babies Sleeping Alone: I Wouldn’t Have Seen it If I Hadn’t Believed It”. Invited lecture in honor of Professor Phyllis C. Dolhinow., Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley. April 24, 2008
2008 Mother-Infant Co-sleeping and Breastfeeding in the Western Industrialized Context. Department of Anthropology, Purdue University Department Colloquium. April 16, 2008
2008 The Ecology of Breastfeeding Healthcare Provider Seminar. La Leche League of Connecticut. Crowne Plaza, Southbury, CT. April 4, 2008. Sleep Like A Baby? What Does That Really Mean Who Gets To Determine It? 
2008 Pediatric Grand Rounds Long Beach Memorial Hospital March 28, 2008.  Scientific Studies of Mother-Infant Co-sleeping and Why The Controversy Refuses to Go Away.
2008 Fourth Annual Pediatric Sleep Medicine March 14-16, 2008 Amelia’s Plantation, Florida. Plenary Address March 15th, 2008 Sleeping With Baby? Abandoning local politics and western scientific tradition (a human wide perspective).
2008 Breastfeeding Task Force of Los Angeles March 28, 2008. Mother-infant Breastfeeding With Bedsharing: Ongoing  Research Perspectives On How and Why the Controversy Refuses To Go Away and Sleep Like A Baby: What Does That Really Mean. Long Beach , California. 
2008 Wisconsin Association of Lactation Consultants and Wheaton Franciscan Health Care. Appleton, Wisconsin. March 13-14, 2008. March 13th Plenary Lectures. Breastfeeding and Cosleeping Culture and History. March 13th, 2008. Breastfeeding and Cosleeping: Research and Controversy March 14th, 2008. 
2007 Eugene, Oregon Oct 25-26 Lane County Department of Health and Human Services. Special workshop and meetings with physicians, nurses, county maternal-infant health workers and social workers over co-sleeping issues.  
2007 Medford Oregon, October 5, 2007 Breast Feeding Update For Professionals Sharon Strosser Memorial Lactation Conference 
2007 Texas State Department of Health and Human Services: “Protecting Texas Children Conference” Key Mote Speaker Houston, Texas October 1 and 2, 2007 Biology, Culture, Epidemiology of Mother-Infant Cosleeping, Promoting Safe Sleep (Pt 2)
2007 Lamaze International September 8, 2007 Phoenix, Arizona. Pleanary Speaker. Scientific Studies of Mother-Infant Co-sleeping and On-Going Controversies.  
2007 Annual Physicians Seminar Sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics and La Leche League International. July 21, 2007. Breastfeeding, SIDS and Bedsharing and the AAP New SIDS Guidelines.  
2007 La Leche League International 50th Anniversary Meetings. Chicago, Illinois. July 23, 2007. Safe Sleep With Baby Plenary Speaker.
2007 Georgia Breast Feeding Coalition. Dalton, Georgia. Breastfeeding in Relationship to Co-sleeping and Breast Feeding. Atlanta, Georgia May 18-19, 2007.
2007 Dona (Doula) Birth Conference Denver, Colorado Plenary Session 
2007 California WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Annual Conference, San Jose, California, May 9-10, 
2007. Plenary Session:  Bedsharing Amongst Breast and Bottle Fed Infants: What is Safe and What Is Not, and Why. Workshop Session: Nighttime Teen Moms: How They Care For Their Infants.
2007 University of Durham, Durham, United Kingdom. Department Colloquium Series. Reflections on SIDS, Breastfeeding, and mother-baby cosleeping (April 25, 2007). 
2007 Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Pediatric Grand Rounds. Mother-infant Cosleeping, Bedsharing and Breast Feeding: Maternal –Infant Biology in Conflict With Local Science. August 25th, 2007
2007  Central Valley Children’s Hospital, Fresno, California. Pediatric Grand Rounds. Mother-infant Cosleeping, Bedsharing and Breast Feeding: Maternal –Infant Biology In Conflict With Local Science.  Fedruary 6, 2007
2007  Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Fremont, California. Pediatric Grand Rounds. Mother-infant Cosleeping, Bedsharing and Breast Feeding: Maternal –Infant Biology in Conflict With Local Science. February 7, 2007.
2007 SWAG Breast Feeding Coalition. Berkeley, California. Honoring Social, Cultural and Political Diversity. Day long workshop on “Infant Sleep, Breast Feeding and SIDS, three lectures sponsored by Breast Feeding Committee USA. Emeryville, California March 10, 2007. His Lordships Restaurant. 
2006 University of Missouri Children’s Hospital Pediatric Grand Rounds. Columbia, Missouri June 20, 2006 Stone Age Babies In A Space Age World
2006 Theodore Hesburgh Lecture Series. Columbia, Missouri. University of Notre Dame Alumni Club at Columbia College. Stone Age People In A Space Age World; hanging Concept sof Health and Medicine. 
2006 Canadian Breast Feeding Association. INFACT. June 2, 2006. Toronto, Canada. Exploring Cosleeping in Relationship to Breast Feeding and SIDS. Second Lecture: Bedsharing Under Attack.  
2006 Parenting  Imperatives II. Government of South Australia. Adelaide, Australia. Conference  Opening, Keynote Presentation. Stone Age Infants In A Space Age World: Resolving the Conflicts Between Western Culture and Stone Age Biology. May 25, 2006. Sponsored by World Association of Infant Health Australia. 
2006 Laktation and Stillen ..5 Europaischer Kongress VELP Verband Europaischer Laktations-beraterInnen Maastrich, The Netherlands May 12, 2006. Biological Aspects of Mother-Infant Cosleeping (Keynote address).
(Second lecture: “SIDS and Cosleeping”. 
2006 Reilly Lecture  March 26, 2006 University of Notre Dame Main Building. Key Note Speaker
2006 La Leche League of Ireland, Key Note Speaker. Exploring Mother-Infant Co-sleeping. Bundoran, Ireland March 7-8, 2006.
2006 Australian Breast Feeding Association Keynote speaker. . Breast Feeding and Cosleeping. September, 2006. Hobart, Tasmania. 
2006 International Conference on Theory and Practice of Human Lactation Research and Breast Feeding Management. Center For Breast Feeding For The Healthy Children Project. Keynote Speaker. January 15th and 16th . Orlando, Florida with Dr, Helen Ball (Durham England) Workshop and lecture: Bedsharing Update. “Research Reflections On Breast Feeding, Cosleeping and SIDS.”
2005 Rochester New York Breast Feeding Coalition. Wyndham Hotel. Rochester, New York November 7 th and 8th. Breast Feeding and SIDS: Clarifying the Debate. 
2005 Saturday Scholar Series October 22, 2005. University of Notre Dame., College f Arts and Letters Presents. Caring For Parents, Caring For Infants (lecture online
2005 Law and Anthropology: Mother-Infant Cosleeping With Breast Feeding As Adaptation or Prosecutable Offense? University of Notre Dame School of Law September 15, 2005.
2005 Hobart, Tasmania Sept 27-28. Australian Breast Feeding Association. Keynote address (3 lectures ).
2005 Rockford, Ill. June 8th and 9th 2005.Rockford Region Breast Feeding Task Force Breast Feeding: Keeping Moms and Babies Together. Breast Feeding and Cosleeping. 
2005 Plattsburgh , New York June 3rd  2005 (Pediatric Grand Rounds) Plattsburgh Children’s Hospital Update on SIDS. SIDS, Breast Feeding and Bedsharing.  
2005 Penn State, Hershey Medical Center June 2005 Excellence in Clinical Approaches to Lactation. Milton Hershey Medical Center  June 6-7.Sleep Mother-Infant Co-sleeping
As Adaptation Not Pathology and Sleep Like A Baby? What Does That Really Mean . 
2005  Formacion La Leche League (France). Stone Age Babies In A Space Age World. March 20, 2004. Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France. (La Leche League of France). Keynote Distinguished Speaker.  
2004 Moira Whitehead Memorial SIDS Lecture. Pediatric Grand Rounds. Pittsburg Children’s Hospital. October 20, 2004. SIDS, Breast Feeding and Bedsharing.
2004 Georgia SIDS Conference Keynote Speaker (Atlanta, Georgia April). SIDS, Breast Feeding and Bedsharing. 
2004 Sixth SIDS  International Meetings, Edmonton, Canada. Safe Sleep Invited Symposium. Beliefs and Practices of At Risk, First Time Moms: Implications For SIDS And Case-Control Studies. July 2, 2004
2004   International Lactation Consultant Association. SIDS, Breast Feeding and Infant Sleep. Scottsdale, Arizona. July 16, 2004.
2004.       “Babes In Arms” (SIDS) Leicester University , England. June 20, 2004. SIDS and Beliefs of First Time Teen Moms. .
2004        American Academy of Pediatrics and La Leche league International Physicians Symposium. June 27, 2004. Providence, Rhodes Island. Continuing Medical Mis-representations of the SIDS -Bedsharing Controversy. .
2004    Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center,  Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds and Seminar. Dartmouth University. Also, New Hampshire Lactation Groups SIDS, Breast Feeding and Sleeping With Baby (Three lectures).
June 7-9, 2004.     
2004        The Co-sleeping Debate. Michigan Lactation Consultants Association. Grand Rapids, Michigan. April 7, 2004 
2004 The Physical and Developmental Environment of the High Risk Infant: Evidence-Based Science for Establishing an Appropriate NICU Environment, February 1-4 Clearwater, Florida. Keynote Address: Under the Cover of Darkness; Mutual Physiological Adaptations in Mother-baby Pairs” and “Mother-infant co sleeping As Adaptation Not Pathology Part 1 and 2” Feb 1 2004 forthcoming.
2004 World Infant Mental Health Congress, Melbourne, Australia Jan 14-18th, 2004. Invited Speaker: “Goodnight Nobody?  It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother-Nature (1st lecture); And Public Lecture “Distinguished Lecturer” January 17th, sponsored by Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.  
2004 Nurturing Our Children. A Conference For Parents and Cargivers. Plenary Lecture: Nurturing Children: The role of touch, voice, affection and affirmation. South Bend Presbyterian Church. South Bend, Indiana. March, 2004.
2003 Skills and Strategies in Breast Feeding: Public Agendas-Personal Decisions. Healthy Children’s Project. Natick, Massachusetts.  November 7-8, 2003. Plenary Talk; Breast Feeding and SIDS.
2003 8th Annual International Meeting Physicians and Breast Feeding: Controversy, Challenge and Change. October 16-20, 2003 Knickerbocker Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. Keynote Address: Cultural Constraints On The Evolution of Breast Feeding and Sleep Science (October 17th). And “Why Infants and parents Have Sleep Problems To Solve” October 18th, 2003.
2003 Breast Feeding; Baby’s Natural Choice Conference. Olsen Center for Women’s Health. University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska.  Plenary address: Cultural-Medical Misrepresentations of Healthy infant Sleep September 3rd, 2003 (Lecture 2) “Breast Feeding, Co-sleeping and SIDS”.  
2003 District of Columbia Child Fatality Review mini-Conference October 2nd, District of Columbia. Mini-conference. What To Do About The Co-sleeping Issue (Guest presenter..). 
2003 17th Annual California Conference on Childhood Injury and Control. Controversies in Cosleeping.  September 23rd Radisson Hotel, Los Angeles, California. Cultural, Political and Scientific Aspects of the Co-sleeping debate”.
2003 University of Texas (Amarillo)  Medical Sciences. Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds. “Sleeping With Baby”. June 11, 2003. 
2003 Mid-Hudson Lactation Consortium 10th Annual Conference. A Day With James McKenna. Ph.D. Three lectures. Social Context of Infancy, Where Babies Sleep Safely, Mother-Infant Co-sleeping With breast Feeding As Adaptation not Pathology. May 1-2, 2003.  New York, New York.
2003 The Best Beginnings Conference. Women and Infant’s Hospital of Rhode Island, Health Education Department. Warwick,, Rhode Island. Crowne Plaza Hotel. March 20-21. Bio-cultural Perspective on Human Birth and Infancy. 
2003 University of Utah, Department of Anthropology Colloquium Series.  “How Western Medicine Stole Infant and Parental Sleep”. March 7, 2003. 
2003 Gillian Abbotts Memorial Lecture. Primary Children’s Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah. Pediatric Grand Rounds. March 6th, 2003. SIDS, Culture and Infant Sleep: The Quintessential Conflict Between Infant and Parent Biology and Culture.
2003 American Academy of Forensic Sciences 55th Annual Meeting. Invited Address (Biology and Pathology Section) . Chicago, Illinois. February  22, 2003. Mother-Infant Co-sleeping As Adaptation Not Pathology 
2003 University of Denver, Health Sciences Center, Psycho-biology Research Study Group. January 27-28, 2003. “100 Years of Medical Mis-representations of Healthy Infant Sleep”. Denver, Colorado.
2002 SIDS Alliance National Conference Orlando, Florida. November 16, 2003. Invited Speaker. “Pertinent Issues in the SIDS/Bedsharing debate”. 
2002 North Carolina School of Nursing, University of North Carline. October 15. Co-sleeping and SIDS in relationship to breast feeding. Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Pediatric Grand Rounds. 
2002 Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center. Pediatric Grand Rounds. Memphis Tennessee. August 7, 2002. Mother-Infant Co-sleeping. 
2002 Developmental Physiology Conference (Invited) “Babes In Arms” Trust.  University of Leicester. Leicester, England. June 28-30th. Cultural Bases of  Scientific Mis-representations of Mother-Infant Cosleeping In Western Societies: Why We Never Ask..Is It Safe For Babies To Sleep Alone”. 
2002 British Columbia Lactation Consultant Association. Sleep Like A Baby? What Does That Really Mean. June 7 and 8, 2002. Vancouver, British Columbia.
2002 Elkhart General Hospital Pediatric Grand Rounds. May 8, 2002. Culture, Infant Sleep an SIDS: Mother-Infant Co-sleeping As Adaptation Not Pathology.
2002 Indiana Perinatal Network Annual Meeting. Mother-Infant Co-sleeping: A Scientific Perspective. April 19, Terre Haute, Indiana. Holiday Inn.
2002 Breast Feeding Conference.  Memorial Hospital. South Bend , Indiana. April 18, 2002. Breast Feeding and Bedsharing: Risks or Benefits.
2002 New Zealand Lactation Consultants Association Annual Meeting, Christchurch, New Zealand. March 8,9,10. Four lectures and an open forum. Co-sleeping, Breast Feeding and SIDS research: Where We stand? 
2002 Emory Regional Perinatal Center, Emory School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology an Georgia Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics. 14th Annual Breast Feeding conference. “Re-thinking Healthy Infant Sleep”  and SIDS In Cross-Cultural Perspective; Is Co-sleeping with breast Feeding Protective? Feb 9, 2002 Atlanta Marriott Century Center. 
2001 University of Washington, Medical School.. Washington Breast Feeding Associates.. September  28, Mother-Infant Co-sleeping As Adaptation not Pathology: Toward A More Inclusive Paradigm
2001 Indiana Perinatal Association  Regional Meetings, “Current Controversies ”. . Mother-Infant Cosleeping As Adaptation Not Pathology, McKenna Hall. University of Notre Dame. September 19, 2001
2001 The Society who Mistook Their Children For Bats.  La Leche League International Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, July 11, 2001 Plenary address
2001 Annual Physicians Seminar - La Leche League and American Academy of Pediatrics, sponsors.
Chicago, Illinois July 8, 2001 - The Co-sleeping Controversy. Plenary Lecture 
2001 Toronto  Health Department. National Breast Feeding Seminar. Humbar College., Toronto Canada.  June 1-2. (Two lectures).  Don’t Sleep With Your Baby? Social ideology Masquerading As Science. 
2001 School of Nursing, State University of New York, Stony brook. May 12. Natural  History of Breast Feeding  (Lecture 1). Mother-Infant  Cosleeping With Breast Feeding; A Question Of Infant Survival (Lecture 2). 
2001 Guntherson  Lutheran Hospital Pediatric Grand  Rounds. “Never Sleep  With Baby”; Evidence –Based Science or Social ideology?  (May 3, 2001).   
2001 Guntherson Lutheran   Hospital, La Crosse, Wisconsin. Pediatric Grand Rounds  May 3, 2001. Infant Sleeping And Feeding In Western Societies: Culture and Biology in conflict. 20th Annual Perinatal Education workshop. Sleep and  Feeding  Practices In Western Societies; Biology and Culture in Conflict. Day Long workshop (6 different lectures from May 3-5, 2001.  
2001 Northwestern University, Department of  Anthropology  April 16 2001. “Babies, breast Feeding and Bedsharing; Mother Nature Really Does Know Best”. 
2001 University of Kansas. Department of Anthropology,  April 2, 2001. Cosleeping and SIDS: Anthropological Perspectives.
2001 La Leche  League  of Kansas City,  Informal meeting with interested parents. Evening of March 28, 2001.
2001 University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department of Evolutionary and Organismic Biology. Evolution and Infant Sleep: Evolutionary Perspectives. March 7, 2001. 
2001 University of Western Australia, Advanced  Institute, Distinguished Visiting Professor February 18th-28, 
2001. Culture, Mind, Evolution Series. Inaugural Lectures.  Three lectures: How Western Medicine Stole Infant Sleep. Mother-Infant Co-sleeping  As Adaptation, Not Pathology. 
2001 Contra Costa County (California)  Health Department Symposium., Pleasant Hill, California; January 25, 2001. Invited Speaker. Mother-Infant Cosleeping As Adaptation Not Pathology. A response to the Consumer Product Safety Commissions Recommendation Against Bedsharing.
2001 19th Annual Conference on Sleep Disorders  in Infancy and Childhood Jan 18-20, 2001, Annenberg Center For Health Sciences at Eisenhower. Rancho  Mirage, California. Guest Faculty. Mother-Infant Co-sleeping with Breast Feeding As Adaptation Not Pathology; A New Scientific Beginning Point. Panel Discussion with Dr. Ed Mitchell.
2000 Missouri La Leche League Conference “Gateway to Parenting”. St. Louis, Missouri Nov 2-5. Presented Six Lectures: Mother-infant cosleeping and breast feeding as an adaptive system: a biocultural perspective; SIDSL Results of a 3 Year NIH-Funded Study; The Society Who Mistook Their Children For Bats; How  Babies Sleep; Within Arms Reach: How To Cosleep Safely. Radisson Clayton Hotel
2000 South Bend Memorial Hospital, Family Practice Residents Program Lecture. “SIDS 2000: An Update. October 17, 2000
2000 Texas Department of Health, Children’s Nutrition Research  Center. Texas Breast Feeding Summit. Houston, Texas October 13, 14, 2000 (two lectures). Co-sleeping Breast Feeding and SIDS. Never Sleep With Your Baby? Cultural Ideology Masquerading as Science. 
2000 Fourth Annual Symposium The Children’s Hospital at Providence. Providence Alaska Medical Center. Anchorage, Alaska. September 29 and 30, 2000 (three  lectures). The Society Who Mistook Their Children For Bats. Why Have We Never Asked: Is It Safe Not To Sleep Close To Our Babies?. Evidence-Based Studies of Cosleeping, Breast Feeding and SIDS. Providence Hospital. 
2000 Department of Anthropology, University of South Florida. October 3, 2000. The Society Who Mistook Their Children For Bats: A Bio-cultural Perspective of Infancy and Parenting.
2000 International Society for Infant Studies (ICIS). “Stone Age Babies in A Space Age World. Symposium organized by Dr. John Kennell. July 15-19, 2000. Brighton, England
2000 Stanford University. Baby Food: A Biological Standard of Living for Infants? Cosleeping and Breast Feeding. Sponsored by the Department of Anthropological Sciences (April 17, 2000). 
Honored Guest and Lecturer. In celebration of the opening of the University of Durham, England, Parent-Infant Sleep Laboratory   April 15, 2000 “Cosleeping, Breast Feeding and SIDS: It’s Only Biology”.  
2000 Vermont Lactation Consultant Association. April 13-14. Burlington, Vermont. Four lectures: Infant and child sleep; Cosleeping and SIDS; Biology of Infancy; Physiology of Cosleeping Mother-Baby Pairs: results of a NICHD Study.
2000   March of Dimes Perinatal Nursing Conference . Chicago, Hilton Hotel. “Culture, Cribs, and Infant Sleep: Cribs May Be Made For Infants, But Were Infants Made For Cribs? Feb 13-14, 2000.
2000 Sixth International SIDS Conference, Auckland, New Zealand. February 9 -10. Two lectures.  Cosleeping and SIDS and Cosleeping  in Developmental Perspective.
1999   American Anthropological Association Presidential Symposium. Directions in Biological Anthropology - Michael Little, Organizer. “Sleeping With Baby. What’s A Parent to Do, What’s A Culture to Do? Chicago Ill. November 20, 1999. Chicago Hilton.
1999 Attachment Parenting International. Nashville Tennessee. October 11. St Thomas Hospital. Four lectures on Infant Sleep
1999 South Bend and Regional WIC (Women, Infant and Children) Conference. August 28, 1999
Breast Feeding , Cosleeping and SIDS.
1999 American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Physicians Seminar, co-sponsored with La Leche League. Orlando Florida July 8, 1999.
1999   Live Tele-conference Lecture to: Emory University. Professor Neal Smith’s undergraduate class: Evolutionary Medicine.
1999 Tri State Breast Feeding Advocates Annual Conference, In Celebration of World Breast Feeding Week Breast Feeding Cosleeping and SIDS. Cincinnati, Ohio. Lectures to Neonatal Residents and Critical Care Nurses. 
1999   Case Western Reserve University Medical School. Lecture to the Entering Medical Students. Evolutionary Medicine. July 1, 1999
1999 Memorial Hospital AWHONN, South Bend, In. April 13. Breast Feeding in Relationship to SIDS Risks.
1999 Association of SIDS and Infant Mortality Professionals. Rockville, Maryland March 20, Infant-parent coleeping and SIDS Risks: Current Status.
1999 Pediatric Grand Rounds. Infant Sleep and Breast Feeding. Memorial Regional Hospital. Johnson City, New York. Feb 26. Cosleeping and SIDS: Current Status
1999     Our Babies Ourselves. Women’s Health Group and Breast Feeding Coalition. United Health Services. Johnson City, New York. Feb 25.
1999       The Society Who Mistook Their Children for Bats. Department of Anthropology. SUNY Binghamton. Feb 25, 1999
1999 Chicago Pediatric Society. SIDS Research 1999. Chicago, Ill. February 16
1998     San Diego Breast Feeding Coalition  (3 lectures ). ìBreast Feeding: The Power of Touch,î Breast Feeding, Cosleeping and SIDS, So, Your Sleeping With Your Baby? Research-Based Response To Criticsî Partners Sharing Solutions. Florida Perinatal Network, Department of Florida Child and Maternal Health Sections. ìCosleeping, Breast Feeding and SIDSî Plenary Address. December 1, 1998 Orlando, Florida.
1998   San Diego Childrenís Hospital, Pediatric Grand Rounds. Infant-parent cosleeping, breast feeding and SIDS: Current Research Perspectives Oct 30 1998.
1998   Australian Five City Lecture Tour, July 29-August 10, 1998.  (10 lectures) : Infant Sleep and SIDS,  Breast Feeding and SIDS, Sleeping With Your Baby. Cities of Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne. Sponsored by Capers Bookstore, in celebration of World Breast Feeding Week.
1998   Developmental Physiology Conference, Leicester, England. Babes In Arms Trust. Bedsharing and SIDS: Where Do We Stand, Where Do We Go? Market Harborugh. June 19, 1998
1998 Michigan Association of Lactation Consultants Spring Conference and La Leche League of Michigan Professional Seminar. May 1, 1998, Dearborn, Michigan. 4 lectures: Cultural Context of Child Care Practices in Western Societies: Culture History and Biology In Conflict; Breast Feeding Patterns of Mothers and Infants sleeping alone and together: Implications for Maternal and Infant Health; Breast Feeding and Infant-Parent Cosleeping in Relationship to SIDS: Beneficial or Risky; Assuring safe infant sleep in the cosleeping environmentî
1998 New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. Concord, New Hampshire, April 27, 1998. Breast Feeding and Infant-Parent Co-sleeping. 
1998 Babies and Sleep: A Day with James McKenna. 2 lectures. Physiological Studies of Infant -Parent Cosleeping in Relationship To SIDS; Biology and Infant Sleep. Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana April 24, 1998
1998 Cosleeping  and SIDS: What The Physiological Data Tell us. Salt Lake City Primary Childrenís Hospital April 16, 1998. Pediatric Grand Rounds.
1998     Breast Feeding, Cosleeping and SIDS: What is the Connection? March of Dimes Annual Meeting. Invited Speaker. Chicago Illinois.  February 20, 1998, Inter-Continental Hotel.
1998     The Society Who Mistook Their Children for Bats. Scottsdale Memorial Hospital. Scottsdale Healthcare Obstetrical Departments February 7, 1998. Scottsdale, Arizona.
1997 Organized (with Carol Worthmen): Presidential Symposium for the American Anthropological Association Meetings, entitled: ìValue Added: Integration and Synthesis in Anthropology.  November 20, 1997 Washington D.C. Hilton
1997 Physiological studies of Infant-Mother Bedsharing: Implications for SIDS Prevention SIDS Alliance Annual Meeting : A Bridge to the Future. Dallas, Texas. November 16.
1997     Culture, Infant  Sleep and SIDS: Implications for Human Development. Department of Psychology. University of Notre Dame. November 7, 1997
1997     Breast Feeding and Bed Sharing: Physiological Studies. ìRecent advances and management of breast feeding symposium, organized by Lawrence Gartner.  American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meetings. New Orleans. Nov 2, 1997
1997     Pediatric Grand Rounds. Department of Pediatrics. Cosleeping and SIDS Research: What’s the Connection? Methodist Hospital, Minneapolis, Minn. October 29, 1997
1997 Fourth Annual Breast Feeding Conference Methodist Hospital. Minneapolis St. Paul October 29. (four lectures). 1) Breast feeding; The Power of Touch; 2) Infant Sleep American Style: Cultural History vs. Human biology; 3) Physiological Differences Between Cosleeping and Solitary Sleeping Infants;  4) Infant-parent cosleeping and breast feeding as protection against SIDS.
1997     Culture, Infant Sleep and SIDS. Cornell University, Department of Anthropology. Ithaca, New York. October 18, 1997
1997 Discussant. Why We Watch Monkeys. Symposium organized by Agustin Fuentes American Anthropological Association 96th Meeting. Washington D.C.
1997     Babes In Arms. Leicester University, Developmental Physiology Conference June 19-29 Husbands Bourough, Fernie Lodge, United Kingdom. Review of Bedsharing and Itís Role in Modifying SIDS Risk Factors. 
1997     Mother-Infant Interactions and Developmental Studies on Infant Morality and Morbidity. University of Bristol, United Kingdom, Department of Child Health, organizer Professor Peter Fleming, Bristol England June 18, 1997. 
1997     Plenary Session: National  Academy of Behavioral Medicine. Cosleeping and SIDS. Tucson, Arizona. June 6, 1997. Annual Meeting.
1997    Primary Childrenís Hospital Breast Feeding Clinic. Cosleeping and Breast Feeding. May 23, 1997 Salt Lake City, Utah.
1997    Grand Rounds Primary Childrenís Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah. Cosleeping and SIDS: What Is The Connection? May 22,1997
1997    Mother-infant interactions and physiologic consequences. 13th Annual Neonatal Medicine Symposium . Department of Clinical Sciences. Kaiser Permanente of Southern California. Pasadena, California. May 16, 1997
1997     Los Angeles Library Special Anniversary Series Thinking on the Threshold of the 21st Century. Lecture: The All American Infant Is at Odds With its Evolution: Culture and Biology in Conflict. May 7, 1997
1997     Oregon Research Institute. Cosleeping and SIDS: An Evolutionary Perspective Eugene, Oregon April 25.
1997     State of SIDS Research. State of New Jersey Annual SIDS Meeting. Cosleeping and SIDS. Plenay Speaker April 3, 1997
1997     Department of Anthropology. University of Oregon April 2, 1997
1997   Special Symposium, Human Biology Association Plenary Session.  Evolutionary Medicine: Honoring George Williams. Organized by James McKenna. funded by Wenner Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. Human Biology Association Annual Meeting St. Louis, Missouri. Lecture: SIDS and Cosleeping: An Experiment in Evolutionary Medicine.
1997     Breast Feeding Support Consultants. Nashville, Tennessee. February 8, 1997 Breast feeding and Mother-Infant Cosleeping.
1997     American Psychological Association Division 39. Plenary/Opening Address.  The Society Who Mistook Their Children for Bats,  Denver, Colorado. February 7, 1997
1997 SIDS and the Sleep Environment. National Institutes of Health, Invited Participant (Jan 9th and 10th) Campus of NIH Bethesda, Md.
1996 CNY New York Breast Feeding Connection. 6th Annual Meeting. Breast Feeding: The Power of Touch.  Marley Education Center, Syracuse University Center. October 3, 1996
1996 Grand Rounds. New York University Health Sciences University, Syracuse, New York.  SIDS Update: Cosleeping  and SIDS. October 2, 1996.
1996 Anthropology and SIDS Research. Department of Anthropology, University of Syracuse, New York October 2, 1996.
1996     Florida Perinatal Association and College of Public Health, University of South Florida Health Sciences Center. Clearwater Beach, Florida. Infant-parent cosleeping and Breast Feeding as protection against SIDS: What the physiological data tell us. August 17,1996
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1996 La Leche League. United States Western Division 1996 Conference.(Two lectures):  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Cosleeping  and Anthropological Adaptations in the Mother and Infantî 
1996 Annual National Breast Feeding Seminar Canada. Sponsored by Humbar College, Infact, Womens College Hospital Tobichoke Health Professionals. June 6 and 7 Toronto,  Canada. Infant Sleep Management and Culture, Infant Sleep and SIDS.
1996 Tenth International Conference on Infant Studies Symposium: Psycho-biological Factors and SIDS: Recent Advances James McKenna and Lewis Lipsett Organizers Providence, Rhode Island April 19, 1996.
1996 Cosleeping and Breast Feeding March 9, 1995. Alberta BreastFeeds: A Celebration of Breastfeeding. Edmonton, Canada (Session speaker).
1996 Edmonton, Canada. ìAlberta Breastfeeds: A Celebration of Breast Feedingî Keynote Speaker. ìWhen Stone Age Babies Are Born To Space Age Parentsî March 8, 1995. Grant MacEwan Community College, Edmonton Canada.
1995 “Stone Age Infants Born to Space Age Parents.” Guest lecturer, Department of Anthropology, California State University, Northridge, November 27.
1995 “Under the Cover (and Covers) of Darkness: Nocturnal Breastfeeding Among Routinely Bed-Sharing and Solitary Sleeping Mother-Infant Pairs.” Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Symposium on “Biocultural Aspects of Breastfeeding.” November 16. Washington D.C.
1995 John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University, Oxford, England. Host: Dr. Paul Johnson. November 7. Infant Sleep In Evolutionary Perspective.
1995 “Infant-Parent Co-Sleeping: Potential Benefits or Risks? Potential Benefits and Risks. Honored lecturer celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of the Norwegian SIDS Society, Oslo, Norway, November 4.
1995 “Co-Sleeping and SIDS: What the Physiological Data Tell Us.” University of Oslo, Department of Pediatric Research, National Hospital, Oslo, Norway, November 3.
1995 “Co-Sleeping in Relationship to SIDS Research and Diagnosis: The Role of Social Ideology.” Association of SIDS Program Professionals, University of Maryland, Baltimore, September 30.
1995 “Parental Proximity in the Overall Health & Incidence of SIDS in Infants.” 5th Annual Neonatal/Pediatric Symposium, Valley Presbyterian Hospital, Van Nuys, California, September 29.
1995 “Infant Sleep American Style: Cultural History vs. Human Biology.” Conference on “Breastfeeding: A Conflict in Culture.” Evergreen Hospital, Family Maternity Center, Kirkland, Washington, September 22.
1995 Combined meeting of the Neonatal and Blair Bell Societies (Pediatric Societies). Dr. Neil Marlow, host. Bristol, England, July 1.
1995 Departments of Child Health and Pediatrics, St. Michael’s Hospital. Dr. Peter Fleming, host. June 29.
1995 Pediatrics Department, Cambridge University School of Medicine, Dr. Colin Morley, host. Cambridge, England, June 27.
1995 “Babes in Arms.” Developmental Physiology Conference on “Physiological Differences Between Cosleeping and Solitary Sleeping Infants.” University of Leicester, England Dr. Michael Wailoo, host. June 22.
1995      Reconceptualizing Healthy Infant Sleep. Tavistock Clinic for Mothers And Infants.  London, England Dr. Dylis Daws Host June 21, 1995.
1995 “Child Care Practices and SIDS.” Symposium on SIDS, Child Health 2000 Conference, sponsored by the World Health Organization and UNESCO. Vancouver, B.C., June 1. Dr. Marian Willinger, SIDS Health Scientist, NICHD, and Dr. Sydney Segal and Dr. Duane Alexander, Chief, National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development, Organizers.
1995 “Update on SIDS.” Southern California SIDS Alliance presentation for SIDS parents, La Verne, California, April 27.
1995 “Rethinking Health Infant Sleep.” Symposium on “Culture and Infant Sleep.” Society for Research in Child Development, Indianapolis, April 29. Jack Bales, Organizer.
1995 “Culture, Infant Sleep and SIDS” and “Cosleeping and SIDS.” Plenary speaker. La Leche League California/Hawaii Regional Meeting, Pleasanton, California, April 2.
1995 “Infant-Parent Sleep Struggles Are Culturally Induced.” Symposium on “Ethnopediatrics.”  American Association for the Advancement of Science, Atlanta, Georgia, March 15-21. Carol Worthman, Organizer.
1995 “Infant-Parent Cosleeping and SIDS.” Symposium on “SIDS Update” sponsored by Children’s Hospital of Orange County, February 24.
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1995 “When Stone-Age Babies Are Born to Space-Age Parents.” Department of Anthropology, University of Notre Dame, February 8.
1994 “Cultural Aspects of Infant Care and Cosleeping.” Victorian Aboriginal Health Service, Koori Kinds Health Network.  Angela Clark and Jenny Gerrand, Aboriginal Child Care Association, hosts. Melbourne, Australia, November 10.
1994 “SIDS and Cosleeping: Risks and Benefits.” Ms. Karen Fitzgerald, Executive Director, SIDS Research Foundation, host. Victorian Forensic Pathology Center, Melbourne, Australia, November 9.
1994 Clinical Consultation with Mental Health Service Staff, Royal Children’s Hospital, Infant Mental Health Group, Melbourne, Australia, November 9.
1994 “Monkeys, Apes and Human Behavior: A Walking Lecture Tour of the Non-Human Primates of the Melbourne Royal Zoo.” Dr. Paul Campbell, host. Clinical and Scientific Research Meeting, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, November 9.
1994 “Infancy, SIDS and Cosleeping Research: Problems and Controversies.” Dr. Judith Lumley, host. Monash University (LaTreshe University), Center for Mothers and Infants Health, Melbourne, Australia, November 8.
1994 Critical Commentator, Sleep Research Seminar, Department of Physiology, Monash University. Drs. Mick Adamson, Adrian Walker and Mal Wilkinson, hosts. Melbourne, Australia, November 8.
1994 “Cosleeping and SIDS: Public Health Considerations.” SIDS Research Foundation of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, November 8.
1994 “Evolutionary Perspectives on Infant Sleep and SIDS.” Department of Physiology, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, November 8.
1994 “Evolutionary Perspectives on Premature and Neonatal Infants.” Intensive Care Unit, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, November 7.
1994 “Culture, Infant Sleep and SIDS.” Keynote speaker. Karitane International Conference on “Family Realities in the Stressful 90s.” Brighton-Le-Sands, Sydney, Australia, November 4.
1994 “The Role of Parental Contact and Proximity in Infant Survival: Implications for SIDS.” Third International Conference on the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Stavenger, Norway, August 1-5.
1994 “SIDS, Evolution, Epidemiology and Cosleeping: Can They Be Reconciled?” Third International Conference on The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Stavenger, Norway, August 1-5.
1994 “Infant Sleep Physiology.” Oxford University, Nufield Hospital.
1994 “Infant Sleep Physiology and SIDS Prevention.” University of Bristol, Dept. of Child Health. (Dr. Peter Fleming, host).
1994 “Infant-Parent Co-Sleeping and Breastfeeding.” Plenary speaker, Annual Meeting of the International Lactation Consultants Association, Atlanta, Georgia, July.
1994 “Infant Sleep and SIDS.” Emory University, Dept. of Anthropology.
1994 “Infants in Evolution: Significance for Modern Life.” Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Denver, Colorado, March-April.  K. Rosenberg and W. Trevathan, Organizers.
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1993 “Kicks, Coughs, Kisses and Touches: The Nocturnal Dance of Co-sleeping Human Mother-Infant Pairs” (with S. Mosko, S. Drummond, C. Richard, and J. Arpaia). Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C., November. Wenda Trevathan and James J. McKenna, Organizers. 
1993 “Evolutionary Medicine: New Directions and Perspectives.”  American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Boston.  James McKenna and Neal Smith, Organizers.
1993 “Infant-Parent Co-sleeping and Its Possible Relevance to SIDS.” SIDS Research Alliance, Spokane, Washington, October 30.
1993 “Evolution and Infant Sleep.” Pediatric Grand Rounds, Children’s Hospital, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, October 29.
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1993 “Arousal Patterns of Co-Sleeping Mother-Infant Pairs: Implications for SIDS.” Conference on Ethnicity and SIDS, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Cardiff, Wales, June 25. (With Sarah Mosko, Sean Drummond, et al.)
1993 “Infants and Parents in Evolutionary Perspective.” Conference on the Study of Infants and Parents, Tavistock Clinic, London, June.
1993 “Arousal Synchronicity Among Co-Sleeping Mothers and Infants: Evolutionary Perspectives.” Institute of Contemporary Psychiatry (plenary speaker), Los Angeles, June 5.
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1993 “SIDS and the Sleep Environment.” Dept. of Pediatrics Grand Rounds (see above).
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Professional Meetings Symposia Contributions:
1997        Organized (with Carol Worthman) Presidential Symposium: Value Added: Integration in Anthropological Theory and Method. American Anthropological Association Meeting, 96th Annual Meeting. Washington D.C. Nov. 21, 1997.
1996 Environmental and Psychobiological Factors in SIDS. Organizers: James McKenna and Lewis Lipsett. International Conference on Infant Studies. Brown University. Providence, Rhode Island, April 18-20 1996 Infant-parent Bedsharing and SIDS Prevention: recent research advances.
1996 Ecology of Breast Feeding. Virginia Vitzhum and Gillian Bentley, Organizers. Breast Feeding Among Routinely Bed Sharing and Solitary Sleeping Infants. Human Biology Association. Raleigh-Durham. Sheraton Hotel. April 9, 1996.
1996   ìBedsharing Promotes Breast Feeding Among Latino Mother-Infant Pairs: Implications for SIDS Prevention. Poster Presentation J. McKenna, S. Mosko, C. Richard. 14th Apnea of Infancy Conference. Eisenberg Health Sciences Center (Annenberg) January 19, 1996.
1995 “Arousal Patterns of Cosleeping Mothers and Infants.” With Sarah Mosko, Chris Richard, and Sean Drummond. Assoc. of Professional Sleep Societies, Nashville, Tennessee, June 1.
1995 “Sleep Position in Solitary and Cosleeping Mother-Infant Paris.” With Chris Richard, Sarah Mosko, and Sean Drummond. Association of Professional Sleep Societies, Nashville, Tennessee, June 1.
1995 “Breastfeeding Among Routinely Cosleeping and Solitary Sleeping Mothers and Infants.” Annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Oakland, California, April 30.
1991 “Mothers and Infants Sleeping Apart and Together: Implications for SIDS.”  American Association of Physical Anthropology Meetings (poster session), Las Vegas, Nevada, April.
1989 “Sleep and Arousal Synchrony of Co-Sleeping Human Mother-Infant Pairs: Implications for the Study of SIDS.”  Fourth World Congress of Infant Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines (poster session).  Lugano, Switzerland, 1989.
1989 “Sleep and Arousal Synchrony of Co-Sleeping Human Mother-Infant Pairs: Implications for the Study of SIDS.”  58th Annual Meeting, American Association of Physical Anthropologists.
1989 “Why Anthropologists Should Study SIDS.”  Annual Meeting of the Southwest Anthropological Society.  Riverside, California, April.
1988 “Sleep and Breathing Patterns of Co-Sleeping Mothers and Infants.”  Eighty-seventh Meeting of the American Anthropological Association.  Chicago, Illinois, November 19-23.
1986 “Can Parents Drive the Breathing of Their Infants? Evolutionary and Developmental Hypotheses on Contributing Environmental Factors in Sudden Infant Death.”  Third World Congress on Infant Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines.  Stockholm, Sweden, August 3-7.
1986 Roundtable Discussion Leader:  “The Role of the Anthropologist in the Study of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS).”  Applied Anthropology Meetings.  Reno, Nevada, March.
1986 “An Evolutionary and Developmental Perspective on the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.”  Applied Anthropology Meetings.  Reno, Nevada, March.
1984 “Parent-Infant Breathing Reciprocity and Sudden Infant Death.” Society of American Primatologists, Humboldt State University, June.
1984 “Fathers, Infants, and Mothers in Evolutionary Perspective.”  Second World Congress of Infant Psychiatry. Cannes, France, April 5-9.
1980 “Opportunism, Selection, and Adaptation in Evolution: Working Toward a Compromise.”  American Anthropological Association, Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., December.
1980 “Postmortem Infant-Caregiving Behavior Among Indian Langurs: Implications for the Evolution of Death and Self-Awareness.”  American Association of Physical Anthropologists.  Niagara Falls, New York.  Abstract published, American Journal of Physical Anthropology.
1979 “A Reassessment of Primate Socialization.”  Northwest Anthropological Meetings, Eugene, Oregon.  (Abstract published).
1975 “Social Roles Among Indian Langurs.”  American Anthropological Association, 74th Annual Meeting, San Francisco.  (Abstract published).
1975 “Role Behavior Among Indian Langurs.”  Northwest Anthropological Meetings, Seattle, Washington.
Selected Public Media Presentations/Participation: (Including radio/T.V. media  interviews and popular newspaper and magazine articles.
January 11th CNN. Lisa Zeiger . Interview with Senior Producer. CNN/New York. Special Parenting Series on older children co-sleeping. 
Jan 17, 2011 Las Vegas Sentinel.  Parents Disregard Expert Opinions on Bedsharing. Interview, published comments.
December 27, 2010 Ed Wenck Show WIBC Radio Indianapolis 93.1 Interview on article showing that SIDS death increase a third on New Years Day, see: 
Investigative Report: Fox News 6 Brad Hicks Investigative Report. May 3, 2010. Is It Right or Wrong To Sleep With Your baby?,0,7099533.story. Extensive interview with James McKenna.
Live NPR WHYY out of Philadelphia. Panel discussion on bedsharing “Digest This: Cosleeping and Bedsharing”. October 27th and 28th, 2009.Taunya English, host.
Live Air Los Angeles. April 24, 2008. Interview about LA County recommendation against cosleeping.
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