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The video below was produced in 2005 by the University of Notre Dame. It features an interview with Dr. McKenna responding to the following questions:

  1. What is cosleeping? Is there is a difference between safe and cosleeping forms of cosleeping?
  2. Is sleeping with a baby normal and appropriate, given human infant developmental processes and the baby's expectations?
  3. How many people bedshare in the USA and abroad?
  4. What is the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation. Is it true that they recommend to cosleep in the form of roomsharing, but not to bedshare?
  5. What was your role in the process by which the AAP came to their opinion.
  6. Why do they make an unqualified recommendation against bedsharing?
  7. Why do you disagree with this recommendation?
  8. What do you mean when you say that bedsharing outcomes fall on a continuum of outcomes ranging from safe and protective to dangerous?
  9. To what extent if at all is there a double standard in the manner in which the causes of and remedies for preventing infant deaths, when babies die in cribs vs. adult beds?
  10. What do you worry will be the negative public health consequences of an unqualified recommendation against bedsharing?
  11. Do any other credible pediatric institutions or health professionals and organizations support your views? What are the views of WHO, UNICEF, La Leche League International, Breast Feeding section of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and Academy of Breast Feeding Medicine?

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Answers to frequently asked questions with Dr. James McKenna. Topics incude infant and childhood sleep development, SIDS/SUDI, forms of cosleeping and breastfeeding.

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