The Bedsharing Controversy

There has recently been much controversy over whether infants should cosleep or bedshare with an adult caregiver and whether such practices increase the risk of SIDS or fatal accidents.

However,despite opposition from medical authorities, public health official and the police, many parents in Western socieities are increasingly adopting night-time infant caregiving patterns that include some cosleeping, especially by those mothers who choose to breastfeed.

For more information about this controversy, please read the links below:

The American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement on bedsharing: Changing Concepts on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

The response to the Academy's statement, which was published in Archives of Diseases in ChildrenNew Knowledge, New Insights and New Recommendations: Scientific Controversy and Media Hype in Unexpected Infant Deaths, by P. Fleming, J. Blair and J. McKenna, 2006.